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The flag of Tyksrr.

(Note: Some content within this article is mostly conjecture, so it may not have canon sources.)

Tyksrr (pronounced "tee-YEK-ser" or "TIK-sir") is the nation in which the events of "Snospis Eht" and Mouse Tails occur.

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An Eskimo firing a gun

Who knows, if these "Eskimos" might be the descendants of the ancient Chinese colonists, and so may have spoken a variant of Chinese that was spoken during the Shang Dynasty?

Tyksrr was colonised by the Chinese at some point in history, some time after 1200 BC [1]. Many centuries later, missionaries may had introduced Christianity to Tyksrr, but it developed into the bizarre cult of the "Jesus-man", possibly due to geographical isolation until modern times. Nonetheless, this unusual monarchy opened up in recent times. After going through the two World Wars and the Cold War (the latter of which introduced modern American culture to Tyksrr), the Great cheese war might had broken out in Tyksrr. It was affected by the destructive world collapse of 2050.

The Spoon King begun his reign over Tyksrr in the year 2001. During his rule he implemented socialist policies, such as the nationalization of asbestos mines and disruptions of gas supplies. However, in the time of the episode "TeaPotSenMan episode: 02", the Spoon King "has seceded his lands" to TeaPotSenMan, implying that the Tyksrrians had revolted against his rule and overthrown him, establishing a federal republic with TeaPotSenMan as its first president.

Nonetheless, the existence of this revolution is uncertain, as Andywilson92 wrote in the description that TeaPotSenMan and PotsAndPots were LARPing, suggesting that the overthrow of the Spoon King might have just been a fantasy of TeaPotSenMan, and it may not have happened.

Geography and climateEdit


Mouse Tails, walking through what appears to be Tyksrr's vast desert.

Tyksrr is a small island in the Mid-Atlantic. Not much is known about Tyksrr's geography, although it would mostly consist of a vast wasteland with some hills. Some parts of are plain desert, meanwhile other parts are filled with lush forests. Some areas of Tyksrr have lakes filled with urine.


Snospis eht: sickbart part 1: coffee run takes place at a Starfucks Coffee store next to a river.

In Snospis Eht: Sick Bart part 2: A trip to the seaside, Lisa and Bart mention about having a trip to "the Seaside". It may suggest that there is an actual seaside area located in Tyksrr.

In Snospis Eht: Marges Story Time, Marge mentions about a trip to a park, where Lisa swims near a waterfall.


In Snospis Eht: Christmas Special: Part 01 and A Christmas Carol, parts of Tyksrr (even the desert or wasteland where the Snospis House is located) experience snowfall in winter. The snowfall occurring around Christmas in December indicates that is located on the Northern Hemisphere.



The Spoon King, a twisted ruler: obsessive, autocratic tyrant, and unashamed brony.

The government of Tyksrr was a monarchy. Its highest authority was the Spoon King, who ruled over his people with an iron fist and gave out harsh punishments, such as shutting Homer's gas and electricity off. However, he was possibly overthrown as parts of Tyksrr revolted against his rule.

Mr Bread on the phone talking to Mouse Tails in mouse tails: BEE attack!.

Tyksrr had a system of subordinate monarchs (which may be similar to the German Empire), or was a federal monarchy (like Malaysia): the Mayor governed an unspecified location in Tyksrr, while the King of Mousetown ruled over Mousetown. It is unknown on what exactly happened to them if the Spoon King lost his throne in 2087 (if it happened): they were possibly overthrown as well, they retained their rule over their respective regions, or they might had revolted against the Spoon King or took part in the revolts.

Each person who lives with some mental disability in Tyksrr has a personal "RN code"; for example Homer's RN code is "421 036". 

Human Rights Edit

Tyksrr has a possible list of human rights violations against the disabled as hinted in hinted by notes from Andywilson92's various notes on Tyksrr and in his animation guide.

On this file on Andywilson92's Soundcloud page, Marge is discussing how Homer "broke his mind" when the Snospis family were on a camping trip. Seemingly propaganda spread by the Spoon King. In Homer's letter sent by The Tyksrr Gas Company, it states "and the incoreshencable [sic] new rights against the Mentally Retarded Criminals that plague our Nation as ordered by the spoon king."

This suggested a possible future genocide against the disabled, which was perhaps averted if the Spoon King was overthrown in 2087.

Furthermore, the people of Tyksrr are also shown to be as cruel as their monarch:

List of other abusive behaviours in Tyksrr: Edit

Marge going to the cages

Marge's abuse of her and her husband's own children is a tip of one horrible iceburg.


During the Spoon King's regime, he conducted various socialist policies against TP gasoline distribution (so the Tyksrr Gas Company was established to control energy within his nation), and nationalization of healthcare and asbestos mining. Almost everything else was managed by the Tyksrr department of everything.

Nonetheless, Tyksrr's economy is a mixed economy, permitting private businesses to operate within the country. They range from companies such as Starfucks Coffee, to smaller businesses such as the cabbage merchant in "Snospis Eht: Little Marge:Part 03" and the Kwik-E Mart managed by Apu. Real-world companies from other countries, such as Duvel, Coca Cola, Smirnoff, Marlboro, Sony, Doritos, and possibly Hasbro, also operate in Tyksrr.


Roads comprise much of Tyksrr's infrastructure, and sometimes railroads also exist.

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A sign indicating the distances from a cabbage merchant's trailer to various places in Tyksrr.

See also: Snospis Eht calendar

Tyksrr's national culture is perhaps influenced by modern American culture: the coffee shop known as "Starfucks Coffee", and the crude content at the Mouse Tails episodes, may be an attempt to emulate it or its vulgar aspects. However, as a sign seen in "Snospis Eht: Little Marge: 02" shows, it uses the metric system, which is more commonly used in other countries.

As shown earlier, Tyksrrian culture tends to be apathetic, and sometimes sadistically abusive.

To celebrate the birthday of a toddler, Tyksrrians take a communal bath in pig fat [2].

Cuisine Edit


See also: Items

Known meals and drinks from Tyksrr include:

Religion Edit

See also: Religion in Snospis Eht

The people of Tyksrr might be practicing a syncretic form of Christianity, as their beliefs (e.g. the passages of the Book of Snospis, Mantra Claws vs. the Jesus-man and local Christmas customs, sacrificing meat to the Jesus-man to stave off wolves and His creatures from attacking people) differ from the standard beliefs of most Christians in other countries.


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  • "Tykzrr" (most likely a misspelling), City, and "The Capital of Tyksrr" may be the same city.
  • In "A Christmas Carol", 's name is pronounced as "TEE-yek-ser"

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