Messages that are backwards will have this symbol {} motions and incoherent noises will pet labeled with these symbols ()

{weird noises and music}

Marge: I am sick of all of you, me and putting a stove right here and that is final!

Lisa:Marge, you are dran, please stop what you are doing.

Homer: Let's move the newspaper stacks out of the way first marge.

(Homer lifts up coffe and offers it to marge)

Homer: here marge, drink some coffee

Marge:Blluuueuuughh! I Hate coffe.

(weird music and noises)

TeaPotSenMan: Hello there! My name is Teapotsenman, What's Yours?

Potsandpots: you've known me for a long time, my name is potsanspots and we're playing video games. Weve moved into this lovely new house! Haven't we Teapotsenman?

Teapotsenman: Jesus Doesn't like you Potsandpots

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