TeaPotSenMan episode 02-001:12

TeaPotSenMan episode 02-0

Transcript for TeaPotSenMan episode: 02.


Note: This transcript is unofficial and therefore may contain mistakes. Words and sentences that are uncertain are marked with [these symbols], and indecipherable words and sentences are marked with *indecipherable*, and sounds and noises are marked with (these symbols).

(Splashing sound)

(Mechanical sounds)

PotsAndPots: TeaPotSenMan, I bring good news from the *indecipherable* of the Republic of Tyksrr. The Spoon King has seceded his lands to you!

TeaPotSenMan: Go away, PotsAndPots. I am busy *indecipherable* my new rare retro video game console. [I just thought], you've probably never even heard of it before.

(Beeping sound)

PotsAndPots: That's it! (Bleep censor) it! (Bleep censor) you! I'm not playing anymore! I hope you die soon!

(Explosion noise)

(Beeping sound)

Text reads: TeaPotSenMan died 68 years later But potsenpot's respect for teapotsenman died today feburary 31st 2087...

("The Idea Man" plays)

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