Snospis Eht "the modern american family02:26

Snospis Eht "the modern american family

Note: This transcript is unofficial and therefore may contain mistakes. Words and sentences that are uncertain are marked with [these symbols], and indecipherable words and sentences are marked with *indecipherable*, and sounds and noises are marked with (these symbols).


(Slowed down version of Viridian Forestplays)

(Heavy footsteps heard)

MargeHello, Homie, are you home from work?

HomerYes, Marge, I am home from work.

Marge: Good, you are home from work.

Homer: Say, Marge, what's for dinner?


King HarkinianMAH BOI!

(Sounds of eating)

Homer: These are good pork chops, Marge.

Marge: Yes, I boiled them myself.

Homer: Say, Marge, where's Bart and Lisa?

Marge: They're in their cages, Homie!

(DOOM theme tune plays)

(Strange bouncing sound)

(Sound of cage opening)

Lisa: Hello, Marge! How are things upstairs?

Marge: They are good, Lisa. Ned Flanders won't turn his strobe lighting down, though, so we haven't slept in days!

Lisa: Oh dear! That doesn't sound very good. Where's Bart by the way, I haven't seen him since fluesday!

Marge: Bart's driving Homer around, because Homer doesn't have a car!

Lisa: That's really good, Marge! Oil prices are expensive these days, anyway. Say, why am I covered in shit?

(Ending theme plays)

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