Snospis Eht Christmas Special Part 0102:05

Snospis Eht Christmas Special Part 01

Note: This transcript is unofficial and therefore may contain mistakes. Words and sentences that are uncertain are marked with [these symbols], and indecipherable words and sentences are marked with *indecipherable*, and sounds and noises are marked with (these symbols).


(Strange musical sounds)

LisaOh boy, it is ChristmasMarge, what do you think we will get?

(Strange wiggling sounds)

Marge: We will have to wait, Lisa, until Mantra Claws sneaks in through [the back passages of our homes, and finds our fig tree].

Lisa: Who is Mantra Claws, and why does he come here every year?

Marge: Mantra Claws visits the Snospis Family every year, to give us presents (slapping sound). It's all in the bible!

Lisa: Ah yes, the Book of Snospis.

(Falling sound)

Lisa: Snospis 1:27:395, although the Jesusman, he slayen, the mantra grows hungry for the kidness of man, [and] do what he can, to harvest

Marge: And that's why we celebrate Christmas! Now go to bed, Lisa, or Mantra Claws will not come this year!

Lisa: Okay, Marge. Good night. Okay, Marge.

Marge: I think I will go upstairs, and see how Maggie is doing.

(Strange sounds)

(Drinking sounds)

(Strange noise)

(Crashing sound)

(Strange sound)

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