Mouse tails BEE attack!01:38

Mouse tails BEE attack!

mouse tails: BEE attack! is an episode of Mouse Tails. It was uploaded to YouTube on 9th March 2011.


Note: This transcript is unofficial and therefore may contain mistakes. Words and sentences that are uncertain are marked with [these symbols], and indecipherable words and sentences are marked with *indecipherable*, and sounds and noises are marked with (these symbols).

Narrator: Mouse Tails is at home watching his favourite show.

Mouse Tails: Oh boy! I love this show.

(Telephone ringing)

Mouse Tails: What the f*ck is that?

Mouse Tails: What?

Mr Bread: Mouse Tails, it's the mayor. The city is under attack from bees!

Mouse Tails: Sorry, Mayor. I am watching television, let the city get attacked by bees.

Mr Bread: [Yes, Mouse Tails. Thank you for calling].

Mouse Tails: This is good.

Mouse Tails: I should probably empty that bucket.

(Knocking sounds)

(Sliding sounds)

(Squelching sound)

Mouse Tails: There we go, much better.

Mouse Tails: I am hungry. I will go outside, and get something to eat before we all die.

(Sped up and changed pitch version of Pokémon Route 1 theme)

Mouse Tails: Hello, shopkeeper, do you have anything to sell?

Inkajoo: (Inkajoo screech).

Mouse Tails: What the f*ck is that?

Inkajoo: (Inkajoo screech).

(Crashing sound)

Mouse Tails: Ooh look, Doritos.

Mouse Tails: This is good. Oh hey there, Magic Mouse, you are back.

Magic Mouse: (Beeping sounds).

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