Mouse Tails 02 Mr Fishly01:36

Mouse Tails 02 Mr Fishly

Transcript for Mouse Tails 02: Mr Fishly.


Note: This is an official transcript of the episode.

Mr Fishly: Put down that Coke, you little mouse piece of sh*t.

Mouse Tails: Fishly.

Mr Fishly: Will you come with me?

Mr Fishly: Mouse Tails, where is my umbrella?

Mouse Tails: I don't know, Mr Fishly. I don't think you left it here.

Mr Fishly: I'll be docking your pay, you.

Mouse Tails: There is nothing I want more than to remain dry. However, the location of your umbrella is unknown to me. I am sorry.

Mr Fishly: Tomorrow you won't be making biscuit tins, oh no...

Mouse Tails: What?

Mr Fishly: You will be cleaning the sh*t off the third floor waste room.

Mouse Tails: *sigh* But what about Magic Mouse?

Mr Fishly: Magic Mouse is fired, he must leave company housing in 3 millicycles or less.

Narrator: Oh dear. Well Magic Mouse may be in prison and Mouse Tails may be out of work. But at least they've both got their health. Join us next time, boys and girls, where Mouse Tails will quit the corporate rat race, or should I say fish race, and try to find himself a nice mouse girlfriend. See you next time.

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