The curse of evil Dr count Fishly Island-002:17

The curse of evil Dr count Fishly Island-0

The curse of evil Dr count Fishly Island is an episode of Mouse Tails, done in the style of an old film. It was uploaded on 3rd May 2011. It is followed by Filling Time a Mouse Tails adventure or somthing.



Wonder Mouse commends Mouse Tails' idea to go to "Evil count Fishly Island". Then Wonder Mouse gets kidnapped by Mr Fishly. Mouse Tails goes to the police. Magic Mouse and Mouse Tails go to Mr Fishly's castle to rescue Wonder Mouse. Mouse Tails rescues Wonder Mouse and goes home "to have 700 children together". Wonder Mouse then says she loves Mouse Tails and they go home and the episode ends.


On 3rd May 2011 at 11:36 PM, Andywilson92 announced the release the episode via Twitter [1].


  • At the end of the video it says ©MMMCCCXIV, meaning that the film was made in the year 3314.


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