The logo of The Good Captain's Fish.

The Good Captain's Fish is a company owned by The Good Captain. The company's main product is fish, however they have expanded into many different fields of industry including automotive manufacturing, television and radio, and private space exploration [1]. The Good Captain's Fish is well known for its slogan, "Remember Kids, Eat Your Fish!".


The Good Captain's Fish was founded in 2038 by Isambard T Dickmonger III (The Good Captain), to create low-quality breaded seafood products for the low income markets [2]. By 2041, he had dominated the global fish markets and was earning billions of dollars a year [3].

However, in the year 2050, the world collapsed due to The Good Captain's Fish overfishing the seas, the ozone layer was burnt to a crisp, and the worlds' economy was in ruins [4]. Between March and October 2050, 5.67 billion people died of disease, famine, radiation poisoning, or conflict caused by the end of the world [5]. The survivors of this looked and acted unusually.

Good Captain's Fish on televisionEdit


The logo for Childrens Morning Hour.

In 2056, the only television station left was The Good Captain's Fish [6]. The station broadcasts old re-runs of it's old television programmes [7].





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