The Good Captain Says Eat Your Fish

A poster featuring the Good Captain, seen frequently in Snospis Eht episodes.

The Good Captain (also known as Isambard T Dickmonger III) is a character in Snospis Eht and Mouse Tails. He is the owner of The Good Captain's Fish, a company that sells fish, among other things.

Biography Edit

The Good Captain was Born on an unknown date but it is sudgested that he is immortal like the Snospis family. He was born into extreme poverty with his homeless parents. He took up a hobby in fishing and started his own business catching fish.

Within some time he had acquired a fishing trawler and became ever so successful. He served in the Royal Navy once During The Second World War

By the 21 century he had his own TV network and was one of the most successful businessman in his time. After the 2050 world collapse, he was the only person whom had not fell into total bankruptcy.

Good Captains Fish is the only operating tv channel after the catastrophe. Today the captain is usually at sea and rarley heads to the shore to make his visits.


The Good Captain wears a black outfit and boots. On his head, he has a sea captain's hat. He is often seen smoking a pipe.

His appearance is similiar to Andywilson92, the creator of Snospis Eht.



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