TeaPotSenMan episode- 0201:12

TeaPotSenMan episode- 02

Teapotsenman episode:02 is the second episode of the Teapotsenman series.

Plot Edit

The episode starts out with Potsandpots wearing a suit of mechanical legs and kicking a pony into some water. He then visits TeaPotSenMan and LARPs, roleplaying that the Spoon King "has seceded his lands". Teapotsenman tells him to go away and that he was busy playing his video game. Potsandpots then swears at him and tells him he hopes he dies soon before leaving.

A message appears on the screen saying, "Teapotsenman died 68 years later, but Potsandpots respect for teaposenm died today febuary 31st 2087."

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