A syringe in the episode Snospis Eht: Sick Bart part 2: A trip to the Seaside..

Syringe  is a tube with a nozzle and piston or bulb for sucking in and ejecting liquid in a thin stream. Syringes often have hypodermic needles on the end to inject fluid.


In Snospis Eht: Sick Bart part 2: A trip to the Seaside.Bart is seen lying in his bedroom with syringes injected into him. Later in the episode, Bart and Lisa inject syringes together.

In a short trailer for Mouse Tails called New Mouse Tails Soon!, Lisa and Marge inject syringes full of heroin.

In Mouse Tails Episode 04: The Adventure Begins?, a syringe is seen lying on the ground.

In Snospis Eht: Marge's JuiceMaggie is seen selling syringes of morphine to Fissmans.