Snospis eht short is the fourth episode of andywilson92's "Snospis Eht" series. It was released on 1st December 2010.

It is preceded by snospis eht opening and is followed by Snospis eht: "Toilet".

Snospis eht short00:38

Snospis eht short.


Marge flies into the basement, where Lisa is playing video-games. Marge is nude and holding a back massager  in her left hand. Marge asks Lisa on why is she late for work, twisting her body in the process. Lisa claims that she does not want to go to work and plans to stay home and play video games. Then the house explodes.


  • This is the first Snospis Eht episode to feature Marge nude. The other one is Snospis Eht: Marges Story Time, where the Snospis Family goes skinny dipping.
  • This is the first episode to feature the Snospis basement.

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