Difference between house and explosion in Snospis eht short. and Snospis Eht The Epic Adventure.

An illustration of the differences between the two explosions, the original house and explosion in Snospis Eht short., and the new house and explosion in Snospis Eht: :The Epic Adventure.

The Snospis Family's house is one of the main settings of the Snospis Eht series. 


The Snospis house is the name given to two houses:

  • The first Snospis house, a large purple cube like house with a pyramid roof. However, in Snospis eht short., the house was destroyed after an explosion.
  • Marge's mother's house, where the family moved in after their house exploded. During Marge's younger days, outside of the house were a cabbage patch and several holes that Marge had dug out from the desert sand.

Generally, on the outside it usually appears to be a purple cube-like house with a pyramid roof, three windows on its front side, and a door on its lower right corner, surrounded by a fence. 

Underneath it is a basement where Marge and Lisa watch television.



The basement is the room where Marge and Lisa spend most of their time, watching television and playing video games. In the basement there is a large settee, in some episodes it is a light brown colour and in other episodes it is an avacado colour. On the wall there are some posters, one is a Mouse Tails poster, another is a poster which says "Pluto Nash" on it, and another poster features several characters from Mouse Tails and Snospis Eht. The basement first appears in Snospis eht short., where Lisa is playing video games, and Marge goes down into the basement to inform Lisa that she is late for work.

Lisa's bedroomEdit

Lisa's bedroom first appears in snospis eht opening, where she is seen getting out of bed and getting dressed, before going upstairs. It also makes an appearance in Snospis Eht: Christmas Special: Part 03, where Lisa wakes up on Christmas day and sees Marge laying on a pile of rubble.

Bart's bedroomEdit

Bart's bedroom first appears in Snospis Eht: Sick Bart part 2: A trip to the Seaside., where Bart is seen laying on the floor. It is a large room with green wallpaper and a brown floor. Bart's room is untidy, there are empty bottles of Duvel beer and empty syringes laying all over the place.

Maggie's bedroomEdit

Maggie's bedroom first appears in Snospis Eht: Christmas Special: Part 02, where Marge enters the room to check on Maggie. Maggie tends to play video games in her bedroom. In Raols Issue 2, she the room has a green floor and greys walls with a poster for the band Paramore on them.

Homer and Marge's bedroomEdit

Homer and Marge's bedroom first appears in Snospis Eht: Dreams Again. It is a large room with pink walls and a purple floor. The bed has a purple blanket and two bluish pillows. Two pictures are seen above the bed featuring Homer and Marge cross-dressing with each other's clothes.

Cage roomEdit

The cage room is a room with two cages in it, one for Bart and one for Lisa. On the door there is a sign saying "DANGER DO NOT ENTER". this feature was only used in Snospis Eht: The modern American family and Snowman

Dining roomEdit

The dining room is a large room with red wallpaper. It has a carpeted floor. There is a fireplace at one end of the room. There is also a green chair with an ashtray balanced on it.

Other forms Edit

On the video Snospis Eht "the modern american family, the house is a brownish-yellow house with four windows, two pyramid roofs, and a garage, situated on a cliff. Several wires and roots dangle under the cliff.

In Snospis eht opening, the house is a purple square structure with a pyramid roof that is much bigger than the neighboring houses. It has a door at the lower left corner of its front side, and a large window from which Lisa drives her chrome motorcycle through a ramp and off to the road.

In marge simpsons blog part, the Snospis house is seen as a small, red house with a grey roof, and the words " hurm swit hurt" written across it.

In Snospis eht short. the house is a simple green cube with a green pyramid roof.

In December 2011 [1], Andywilson92 made a house, new taking previously modelled rooms put together.



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