Snospis Eht: Tesselation: Marges Legs is the twenty-second video of andywilson's "Snospis Eht" series. This specific video is also known as part 1: the unwellness.

It is followed by Snospis Eht: Marges Juice.

Snospis Eht Tesselation Marges Legs00:20

Snospis Eht Tesselation Marges Legs.


Both Lisa and Marge are suffering from Tesselation. Lisa states that she is "not feeling as well" as she was yesterday. She then asks Marge (who is a Snowman) on her condition.

Marge asks (in a very distorted voice) on where are her legs. When she notices that her legs had ran up the stairs, she grunts.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode was created partially with 2-D animating for Marge's legs running up the stairs.

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