Snospis Eht: Barts Duty. is the sixth video in andywilson92's "Snospis Eht" series. It was uploaded on 20th March 2011. It is preceded by Snospis eht: "Toilet" and is followed by Snospis Eht: "Its about Horses Lisa!".

Snospis Eht Barts Duty00:36

Snospis Eht Barts Duty.


Lisa is asking Marge about the whereabouts of Bart and Homer, as she has not seen them since last Fluesday. Marge replies that Bart is driving Homer, as Homer does not have a car. While doing so, she sits on the couch with Lisa to watch TV with her.

Bart asks Homer on where is his car, as Homer wanted Bart to drive him. Homer replies, ending in a distorted voice, that he is going to ride him, "to the Kwik-E-Mart ". The video ends with a poorly-drawn image of the Kwik-E Mart store.


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