Raols Issue 2

Issue 2 of the Retarded Adventures of Lisa Simpson.

Raols Issue 2 (full name The Retarded Adventures of Lisa Simpson Issue 2) is the second issue of the Retarded Adventures of Lisa Simpson comics series. It is from 2009. It is preceded by The retarded adventures of Lisa Simpson, and is followed by Simpsons Comic 2009.


Lisa is sitting at a table and notes that she is still out of work. Marge greets Lisa and asks how things are. Lisa greets Marge back, and asks if she is going to the park. Marge says that she is going there to hunt ducks, saying: "Those ducks wont kill themselves!" while brandishing a large laser weapon, and asks if Lisa can watch Maggie. Lisa agrees, and goes to see Maggie while remarking that she hasn't seen Maggie for a while.

Lisa enters Maggie's bedroom, where Maggie is watching television. Maggie greets Lisa and inquires how she is. Lisa tells Maggie that she has been fired and Marge has gone duck hunting. Maggie pours a cup of tea while asking where Homer and Bart are, and Lisa tells her that they are re-mapping India's northern coast. Maggie leans back in her chair, and tells Lisa that she has a lot of TV to watch, and Lisa leaves the room.

Back in the kitchen, Lisa sits at the table and notes that her activities were pointless. Suddenly, in a newspaper called KKKLASSIFIEDZ she notices an advert for a job at Catway.