Potsandpots in the episode TeaPotSenMan: 01: Retro Video Games Club.

(also spelt as Potsenpots) is a teapot consisting of two green Utah teapots stuck together. He is a friend of Teapotsenman. And Pressumably Maggie


He first appears in TeaPotSenMan: 01: Retro Video Games Club.

In TeaPotSenMan episode: 02, Potsandpots wishes to LARP with Teapotsenman, but Teapotsenman is too busy playing video games, resulting in an argment.

he makes his first appearance in Snospis Eht in the episode Dreams Again. He doesn't do much except sway back and fourth.

However, they reconcile in Teapotsenman: Jesus Does'nt Like You, where they move into a new house and play video games together. 


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