Mousetin in the episode Mouse Tails: 101 Magic Mice.

is the son of Mouse Tails and Wonder Mouse. He is one of 700 children that Mouse Tails and Wonder Mouse had together.


Mousetin has purple skin. He wears red overalls.

Mousetin speaks in strings of gibberish in some episodes.

Mousetin goes to The Academic Remedial Development School.


Mouse Tails and Mousetin watching television

Mouse Tails and Mousetin watching television.

In the episode The curse of evil Dr count Fishly Island, Mouse Tails announced that he was going to have 700 mouse children with Wonder Mouse.

Mousetin first appeared in Filling Time a Mouse Tails adventure or somthing, where he is seen with his siblings.

In Mouse Tails: 101 Magic MiceTabsy crashed into the school bus that Mousetin was in, causing the bus to fly off a cliff. Due to the injury, in Mouse Tails: Mouse Manor, Mousetin has to use a wheelchair.

Mousetin has been shown to be unlucky.


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