Mouse Tails Episode 268 Herr Fishly 0202:13

Mouse Tails Episode 268 Herr Fishly 02

Mouse Tails Episode #268: Herr Fishly_02 is an episode of Mouse Tails. It was uploaded on 15th March 2012.


The episode starts with the narrator saying:

"Mouse Tails is the story of a little brown mouse named Mouse Tails. Mouse Tails is eating breakfast with his mouse girlfriend, and their mouse son - Mousetin."

Mouse Tails and his family are eating cheese. Mouse Tails compliments Wonder Mouse on the cheese that she made. Wonder Mouse thanks Mouse Tails. Mouse Tails scolds Mousetin for not eating the cheese that Wonder Mouse made. Mouse Tails says that he thinks Mousetin is sad about Magic Mouse being taken away by the nazis. He also suggests that they should go to Mousewitz and rescue Magic Mouse. Mouse Tails and his family go to Mousewitz and sees Magic Mouse in his cell. They rescue him, and walk to the exit, just past the gold room. Magic Mouse is facinated by the gold room (being a stereotypical greedy Jew). The door opens, revealing Mr Fishly



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