Mouse Tails Episode 04 The Adventure Begins?

Mouse Tails Episode 04 The Adventure Begins?

Mouse Tails Episode 04: The Adventure Begins? 
is an episode of Mouse Tails. It was uploaded on 1st October 2011.


Lisa is standing on the stairs in the basement, drinking Duvel. Lisa bets Marge that she can jump down the stairs while holding her breath. Marge, incredibly intoxicated, falls over. Lisa then says that she wishes to race Homeless pete down Snospis hill instead.Then it zooms into a hole in the wall, where Mouse Tails is living. Mouse Tails asks himself where things went so wrong, and that his bucket is full. He kicks it over. Suddenly, Magic Mouse bursts through the walls and informs Mouse Tails that Mr Fishly has kidnapped Wonder Mouse. Mouse Tails and Magic Mouse burst through the wall to save Wonder Mouse. Then it zooms down the toilet, where Mr Fishly is speaking in gibberish.


Andywilson92 announced via Twitter on 1st October 2011 at 5:50 PM that he would upload the episode later that night [1].


  • The Mouse Tails that appears in this episode is called Mouse Tails 2.0.
  • The song playing at the beginning is "Wooden Pints" by Korpiklaani.