Mouse Tails 2.0

Mouse Tails 2.0 wearing a captain hat.

Mouse Tails 2.0 is a character design for Mouse Tails.


Mouse Tails looks different to the original Mouse Tails in many ways, he appears more human-like, looking like a human in a mouse costume [1]. Andywilson92 said in the comments section of Mouse Tails: Ernie Hudsons Crystal Meth Vodka:

Mouse Tails 2.0 2

Mouse Tails 2.0 in Mouse Tails Episode 04 : The Adventure Begins?.

"This is Mouse Tails 2.0 The Next Generation, the old mouse tails has moved on. He's quit the force and has moved back home to his farm in Arizona. And as the old mouse tails works his fields, making Vodka from his potatoes, he wonder what would be if he hadn't quit the force, and instead became a sergeant. Would he find fame and fortune in Hollywood, or would he be gunned down by Italians and left in the sewer to rot?

We may never know, as this is the story of his successor."


On 18th September 2011, Andywilson92 decided to create a new Mouse Tails model [2] [3] [4] [5] [6].



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