Mouse Tails' house in Mouse Tails: 101 Magic Mice.

Mouse Tails' house is the house that Mouse Tails and his family live in.


Mouse Tails' house first appears in Mouse Tails episode 1: coke.


The house is dilapidated with blue, cracked walls.


Living RoomEdit

The living room has blue wallpaper with yellow lightning bolts on it. Towards one end of the room, there is a cream-coloured settee with a cream-coloured armchair next to it. In front of the chairs is a television. The floor is made out of wood. Towards another end of the room is a trapdoor leading down into the basement. In Mouse Tails: 101 Magic Mice, Mouse Tails boarded up the trapdoor to the basement.


the basement there is a purple armchair and a television. The wallpaper is light purple. Dashing Moustache Tails lives in the basement.



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