Mouse Tails is the main character of the show with his name



Mouse Tails on the phone to the mayor in mouse tails: BEE attack!.

Mouse Tails lives in Mousetown, a small area for mice to live in Tyksrr. He is very fond of cheese, and it is also stated that he likes porridge. He has a wife named Wonder Mouse, and many children, mainly his son - Mousetin. His best friend is named Magic Mouse. His uncle is named Dashing Moustache Tails, an adventurous explorer.

Mouse Tails does not have a set age, Andywilson92 has stated that he likes to keep "very vague and loose", his age can change to suit the situation and time period that he is in [2].

Andywilson92 has described Mouse Tails as "the 3D model equivalent of a clay ash tray made by a 6 year old at school" [3].

Mouse Tails voice is the text-to-speech voice Microsoft Sam from the software Speakonia, with the pitch shifted up by 15% [4].


An example of Mouse Tails with one purple eye.

In some episodes, one of Mouse Tails' eyes is a light purple colour.


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Mouse Tails' girlfriend is Wonder Mouse. In The curse of evil Dr count Fishly Island, and Wonder Mouse decided to have 700 children. In Filling Time a adventure or somthing, Mouse Tails is seen with his family.



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