Marge Snospis is Homer's wife, and the mother of Lisa, Bart and Maggie.
Marge snospis



Early life and childhoodEdit

Marge was born on 21st September 2016 [1]. She was christened as "Marge Simpson" on 23rd October 2017 at 5:00 PM [2].

When was younger, she was known as "Little Marge". She lived with her mother, and she worked at the Coca Cola factory as a slave. Sometimes she spent other days digging holes outside her house. She and Mr. Hitler were best friends.

Adult life and marriage to HomerEdit

She grew up and married Homer, and had Lisa, Bart, and Maggie as their children. Some time later she got infected with Tesselation, turning her into a Snowman.


Marge is insane and speaks with a very strange voice. The words she says are sometimes very hard to understand. Marge has a tendency to pronounce "s" as "sh", such as calling Lisa "leesha". She also tends to call Maggie "mow-gie" and Bart "bert".

She has an irrational hatred of coffee, and prefers to drink WD-40, or as she calls it, "Marge's Juice."

In earlier videos twists her body when she talks.

Marge is infected with a severe case of Tessellation that turned her into a snowman. While Lisa recovered quickly, Marge is still infected. The Legend of Snowman Marge was made to explain Marge's tessellation-related snowman disease. She might have had Tesselation in earlier episodes as well, such as The retarded adventures of Lisa Simpson and Raols Issue 2, because she had pale skin and a carrot for a nose.

Marge is not uncomfortable being naked, in Snospis eht short she walked around the house naked, and in Snospis Eht: Marge's Story Time she and the whole Snospis Family went swimming naked at the park.



How Marge appeared in the RAOLS series.

In the RAOLS series, Marge has a snowman-like appearance.

2009 MargeEdit

In Snospis Eht "the modern american family, Marge is drawn similarly to the RAOLS Marge, except without the snowman features.

2010 MargeEdit

In August 2010, a 3D model of Marge was created. This model was first used in the episode Snospis eht short..

2011 MargeEdit

In December 2011 [3], a different 3D model of Marge was made. This model was thinner, and had a large E.T.-like head. It was first used in the episode Snospis Eht: Christmas Special: Part 01. Andywilson92 has said that this model of Marge looks like a potato [4].

Marriage and familyEdit

Marge met Homer some point between 2027-2046 [5]. They were married, and had three children Bart (born 2046), Lisa (born 2048), and Maggie (date of birth uncertain).


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