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Maggie (sometimes pronounced by Marge as Moggie) is Homer and Marge's daughter, and the sister of Bart and Lisa.


Maggie is the eldest child of Homer and Marge, having been born at some point before 2038 [1]. She has two younger siblings, Bart (born 2046), and Lisa (born 2048).

Real and fake MaggieEdit

There are two Maggies: real Maggie and fake Maggie. Real Maggie is the biological daughter of Homer and Marge. Real Maggie is dead and fake Maggie has taken her place [2].

Characteristics Edit

She wears a plague doctor's mask and wears a hat.

She has hooks for hands.

In Raols Issue 2, she she has black skin and an afro, and wears a purple shirt and blue jeans. She also has a carrot for a nose, meaning that she might have suffered from Tesselation at the time.


Maggie's Paramore poster.

Maggie may be a fan of the band Paramore, as she has a Paramore poster in her bedroom.

When she speaks, she usually growls. She tends to be irritable, to the point of damaging things, as seen in Snospis Eht: Christmas Special: Part 02 when she rips a Christmas wreath off the wall and in Snospis Eht: Christmas Special: Part 03 at Christmas dinner when she flips the table over after becoming irritated at Homer.

She can understand Esperanto, and is good friends with Fissmans.


Maggie selling syringes.

She sometimes also sells syringes of morphine.  

She also smokes cigarettes.

She goes to piano school.

Marge sometimes pronounces her name as "mow-gey".

Maggie may work as some kind of hitman, as Lisa once asked her how the "murder-trade" is doing, implying that she murders people as a trade.

Delusion Theory Edit

Some fans of Snospis Eht have theorized that the world of Snospis Eht is just The Simpsons, but seen through the eyes of Maggie Simpson. As an infant, she is too young to fully understand her world, creating the unusual imagery of Snospis Eht.

Another varation of the theory is that Maggie had cut herself off and had gone insane, once she grew up.


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