Chrome motorcycle

Lisa riding her chrome motorcycle in snospis eht opening.

Lisa's relationships with other characters.



Homer is Lisa's father. She does not see him very often, but they get along well. Lisa often buys him coffee.


Marge is Lisa's mother. They are often seen sitting in the basement together, playing video games and drinking alcohol. Lisa often tries to prevent Marge from doing strange things that could potentially be hazardous, however she is frequently seeing doing unusual things. Lisa often refers to her mother as "Marge". Andywilson92 said of this:

"That's really just a throwback to the original show where Bart would call his father "Homer" out of sheer disobedience. I also think it gives to viewer a better judgement of Marge and Lisa's relationship with each other. they see each other as equals, as opposed to being parent and child. Then again it could still be out of disobedience on lisa's part."


Lisa and Bart do not see each other very often as they are separated in two different cages, or Bart is out with Homer, however they sometimes see each other, where they tend to play video games.


Maggie is Lisa's sister. In Raols Issue 2, Lisa and Maggie are seen talking happily to each other and getting along well.

Marge's motherEdit

Marge's mother is Lisa's grandmother. They do not see each other very often.

Other charactersEdit

Mister HitlerEdit

Lisa has not had many encounters with Mister Hitler, however she has seen him sometimes, such as in Snospis Eht: Christmas Special: Part 03, at the Christmas dinner, when Mister Hitler is seen sitting next to Lisa at the dinner table.

Mr BreadEdit

Marge sent Lisa to Mr Bread's house, so that he could teach her how to be a lady.

Mantra ClawsEdit

Lisa did not know who Mantra Claws was until Marge told her about him and the Snospis family's traditions in Snospis Eht: Christmas Special: Part 01. When she actually met him in Snospis Eht: Christmas Special: Part 03, she decided to run away with him. In Snospis Eht: Marges Day: Part 01, it is revealed that Mantra Claws became Lisa's boyfriend.


Unlike Marge, Lisa does not dislike horses, however she does fear them, describing them as "violent".