Lisa Snospis is the main character of the Snospis Eht series. She is Marge and Homer's daughter, and Bart and Maggie's sister.


Lisa was born in 2048. She first appeared in Snospis Eht in the comic The retarded adventures of Lisa Simpson. In the early comics, she is seen naked and emaciated with a greyish skin tone.


Lisa spends a lot of time in the basement playing video games and talking to her mother, Marge. She also talks a lot to her father, Homer.


Lisa smoking a cigar.

She likes coffee and port wine, particularly San Tomantle

According to marge simpsons blog 01, Lisa has a job in the sewers.

Lisa speaks in a masculine-sounding voice, being the Speakonia program of Microsoft Sam.

In this drawing from Andywilson92's deviantart page , the description states that Lisa's husband is Inkajoo , however they might have ended the relationship because Mantra Claws became Lisa's boyfriend on Christmas 2056. However, Lisa and Inkajoo are still very much friends, because Lisa often buys coffee off of Inkajoo from Starfucks.

Chrome motorcycle

Lisa riding her chrome motorcycle in snospis eht opening.

Lisa owns a chrome motorcycle that she is frequently seen riding.

Despite Marge's constant please, Lisa insists that she does not need a toilet, saying in Snospis eht: "Toilet", "I do not need a toilet, the world is my toilet".

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