Lisa reading KKKLASSIFIEDZ in Raols Issue 2.

KKKLASSIFIEDZ is a newspaper in Tyksrr.


It is a newspaper.


In Raols Issue 2, Lisa saw an advert for a job at Catway. In the same newspaper there was also an article about India's new coast.


Trivia Edit

  • "KKKLASSIFIEDS" is based on a play on "Classifieds" and "KKK" (Ku Klux Klan, an extremist racial nationalist group from America -- "KKK" is sometimes used as an edgy joke). It, and some earlier images of people in the television and poster in Maggie's room, is part of a series of deliberately offensive jokes created for shock value.
  • "Catway" is based on the American fast food company, Subway. Like "Starf**ks Coffee", it may be an attempt by the Tyksrrian company to emulate American culture with an imitation brand.
  • The map of the Indian subcontinent on the newspaper may suggest that either Gujarat or southern Pakistan too was drowned, presumably after the 2050 world collapse.

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