How My Little Dashie Should Have Ended is a video created by andywilson92. It is preceded by "My Little Dashie: The Animated Series", and is followed by "My Little Dashie: The Animated Series Part: 03". It was uploaded on 9th April 2012.

How My Little Dashie Should Have Ended01:14

How My Little Dashie Should Have Ended

Plot Edit

Mantra Claws rides on a bicycle as he roars and shoots his pistol at the air. He stops when he sees a box just outside a restroom and walks towards it, and finds Rainbow Dash inside.

He picks Rainbow Dash up, throws her at a wall, and shoots at her with his pistol.

Critical receptionEdit

The episode has gained both positive and negative reviews from the brony community. Despite the scene of Rainbow Dash getting shot by Mantra Claws, the video was not made to offend bronies. Andywilson92 has said on his DeviantArt page that he is a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


The episode is based off of the fanfiction "My Little Dashie": [1]

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