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Early history of the wikiEdit

Formation (February 2015)Edit

The Snospis Eht wiki was founded on 8th February 2015.

Early editing on the wiki (August-December 2015)Edit

Not much was done on the wiki until 23rd August 2015, when I, under the username "LordEmperorCheese" added a page about Bart. The page was small and did not contain much information. Then, in November and December 2015, I contributed to the wiki a bit more, using the accounts "CheeseNPasta", "ChancellorCharlie" and "LisaSnospis" (named after the main character on Snospis Eht). The pages that I created contained not much content and were quite messy.

Improvement of the wikiEdit

HorsesDrivingVans joins the wiki (March 2016)Edit

Eventually, on 21st March 2016, a user called HorsesDrivingVans joined the wiki. HorsesDrivingVans changed the wiki in a very good way, writing many pages.

MisterJoeP and HorsesDrivingVans contribute to the wiki together (April-September 2016)Edit

On 12th April 2016, HorsesDrivingVans (or HorsesPlease as he is known on DeviantArt) wrote a comment on my DeviantArt page telling me that he is a fellow Snospis Eht fan and we should join together to work on the Snospis Eht wiki. Together, HorsesDrivingVans and I wrote page after page daily on the wiki from a period of around April-September 2016.

Andywilson92 on the wiki (September 2016-present)Edit

Andywilson92 discovers the wiki (September 2016)Edit

On 12th September 2016, Andywilson92 came across the wiki and left a post on my Snospis Eht wiki account message wall saying that he was impressed by the hard work me and everyone on the wiki had put into the wiki, and said that it was an "incredible read".

That is a brief history of the Snospis Eht wiki.

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