Fluesday (English Pronunciation : "floos-day", Esperanto pronunciation: "floo-WES-day") is a day of the week that occurs within Snospis Eht. 

Mentions in Snospis EhtEdit

In Snospis Eht "the modern american family and Snospis Eht: Bart's Duty, Lisa mentions to Marge that she has not seen Bart "since last Fluesday".

In Snospis Eht: Marges Juice, Fissmans tells Maggie in Esperanto that she looks like she has not eaten "since last Fluesday"



  • Its name is a portmanteau on "Tuesday" and "flu".
  • Mentions of "last Fluesday" and the name itself may indicate that Fluesday may be a weekday, if not another name for Tuesday itself.
  • As Fissmans mentions "Fluesday" within his Esperanto dialogue with Maggie, he could have used "Flŭesdej" (reflecting pronunciation) or "Grimardo" (calque from "gripo" (flu) and "Mardo" (Tuesday).).

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