Filling Time a Mouse Tails adventure or somthing02:37

Filling Time a Mouse Tails adventure or somthing

Filling Time a Mouse Tails adventure or something 
is an episode of Mouse Tails. It was uploaded on 30th July 2011. It is preceded by The curse of evil Dr count Fishly Island, followed by Mouse Tails: Ernie Hudsons Crystal Meth Vodka.


The episode starts with Mouse Tails walking round a street corner. The narrator says:

"Welcome to Sinbad news 1. I am Sinbad and today I will talk to you about what is going on in the world today and the world, gee is something, oops I pooed my pants LOLZ the end and don't forget to subscribe."

Mouse Tails enters the pub.

Then Mouse Tails is walking through the forest. Mouse Tails comes across Magic Mouse. Magic Mouse shows Mouse Tails a picture. Then Mouse Tails is in the desert, and sees Wonder Mouse being kidnapped by Pete the evil Arab. Mouse Tails pulls out a gun and points it at Pete the evil Arab. He saves Wonder Mouse and they go home to Mousetown, where Mouse Tails proposes to Wonder Mouse. Mouse Tails and Wonder Mouse get married, and they have many children together, particularly Mousetin. Then the episode shows a map of Tyksrr and a poster for Mouse Tails, done in the style of a movie poster.



  • The music in the background is a distorted version of the Slateport City tune in Pokemon.

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