Dashing Moustache Tails playing his accordion

Dashing Moustache Tails playing his accordion.

 (also known as Moustache Tails, or just Uncle Dashing) is a character in Andywilson92's series Mouse Tails.


is Mouse Tails' uncle. He has a brown fur and has a large, curly, ginger Moustache. He wears a fedora.  is sometimes abusive towards Wonder Mouse, making her feel uneasy about talking to him. He spends a lot of time at Mr Mousington's Cigar Club. He lives in the basement of the Mouse Tails house. He played the accordion during the war, and became very skilled at it.


first appeared in Snospis Eht: Marges Day: Part 01, when Marge and Maggie are watching Mouse Tails on the television.

In Mouse Tails: Herr Fishly: 03, he accidentally crashes a car through a wall at Mousewitz, freeing Mouse Tails and his family as a result.

In Mouse Tails: Mousefest, joins The MT Experience, a heavy metal band formed by Mouse Tails, Wonder Mouse and Magic Mouse.

In Mouse Tails: 101 Magic Mice, is seen sitting in the basement at the end of the episode, surrounded by Magic Mouse's children.

In Mouse Tails: Mouse Manor, he invites the family round to Mouse Manor to live with Great Auntie Gladis after Mouse Tails' house explodes.



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