Marge's christmas dinner

Marge's Christmas feast.

is a festival usually celebrated on 25 December, although some churches observe Christmas on January 6, 7, or 19, respectively.

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The Snospis family celebrates Christmas by gathering resources (even garbage, rubble, and glass bottles would be enough) to appease the hunger of Mantra Claus and to prepare a feast for themselves. They also believe that Mantra Claus will come down the chimney every year to deliver presents to the nastiest families.

According to the Book of Snospis, after the death of Jesus-man, Mantra Claus grows hungry, and Christmas is an occasion to appease him.

A Christmas tree is also a required decoration to celebrate Christmas in Tyksrr.

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  • The real-world Christmas does not commemorate the death of Jesus Christ, but His birth (even though his actual date of birth is still debatable). Christians commemorate His death and resurrection are commemorated on Good Friday and Easter, which fall on March or April.
  • The date of Christmas was placed on December 25 by Catholic authorities to encourage the Romans to convert, and it occurred near the last days of a pagan festival known as Saturnalia. In later times, the festival of Dies Natalis Solis Invicti (Festival of the Unconquered Sun) was observed on the 25th of December. It also occurs within the days of the Germanic festival of Yule.
  • Many of the traditions associated with Christmas are influenced both by Christian (birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas plays, angels, St. Nicholas) and pagan (feasting, lights, trees and decorations, wreaths, Yule logs, carolling, Santa Claus and his reindeer, the name "Yule" itself) customs.
  • Like with Mantra Claus, people give things to Santa Claus, but not out of appeasement. They give cookies and milk, instead of garbage, glass, and unfortunate victims. Santa Claus is also hungry, like Mantra Claus, but does not have such a growing appetite.
  • Santa Claus originated from the pagan Green Man.

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