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    Assuming that the "Eskimos" in some episodes were descended from some Chinese colonists, their resulting Sinitic language would be based on an offshoot of Old Chinese spoken during the Shang Dynasty.

    So, let's call their language "Tykserrian Shong" or "Shong vwun".

    Here is a sample I could translate into Shongvun:


    "I am of Chinese descent myself, but those "Eskimos" would make a good chance to do some worldbuilding. Not only do they look amusing to me, but I like to document languages, as a person who enjoys making up languages as a hobby."


    我本人是華人後裔,但那些“愛斯基摩人”會為做一些世界建築提供一個很好的機會。 他們不僅看起來對我有趣,而且喜歡將語言記錄下來,作為一個喜歡編寫語言作為愛好的人。

    (Wo ben ren shi Huaren houshang, dan naxie "Aisijimo ren" hui wei zuo yixie shijie jianzhu tigong yige henhao …

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