Bartholemew Jesus Snospis is the son of Homer and Marge. He is Lisa and Maggie's brother.



History Edit

Bart was born in 2048

Bart is first mentioned in the episode Snospis Eht: "the modern american family, where it is claimed that Homer rides Bart to the Kwik-E Mart, because Homer does not have a car. He appears to visit the seaside a lot. 

Bart's Rehabilitation Letter

Bart's rehabilitation letter.

In the episode Marge's Day: Part 1, on the fridge there is a letter from the Tyksrr department of everything, saying that Bart must go to the rehabilitation centre for "opiate and coca cola addiction", and that he will be released from the rehabilitation centre on the 7th turbarary. However, Bart has scribbled all over the letter, and written something else, making it appear that it is a letter to Mouse Tails camp. Bart appears to be a fan of Mouse Tails.

Characteristics Edit

Bart's voice is Adult Male #3, American English at the lowest pitch on Speakonia.



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