Apu in Snospis Eht: Ned.

Apu is the green-skinned shopkeeper for the Kwik-E Mart.

History Edit

Apu first appears in Snospis Eht: Ned, where he sells Marge horsemeat.

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Trivia Edit

  • He is voiced by Corbinater45.
  • In a post in andywilson92's Tumblr account, andywilson92 mentioned that he is played by an actor called Captain Crazy, who was a famous actor during the 2030's who played as many characters in the Snospis Eht universe. Even though he lost his legs during The Great Fire of 2037 , he resumed his acting and film-directing career. Other than being an actor and managing purchases at the Kwik-E Mart, he runs a small shop by the beach where he sells fish and horsemeat.