"Little Marge, the world we may know may not be around much longer. We may have to change the ways we live." - Mr Hitler.

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There was an event that happened in 2050, where the seas were overfished, the ozone layer was burnt to a crisp, and the world's economy was in ruins. Between March and October 2050, 5.67 billion people died of disease, famine, radiation poisoning, or conflict [1].

The Spoon King blamed disabled people for the tragedy, and thus created the RN System to label each mentally-disabled resident.

Trivia Edit


    The changed coasts of India and Pakistan, in Raols Issue 2.

    The changed coastline of western India and southern Pakistan in the KKKLASSIFIEDZ newspaper in Raols Issue 2 may had been a result of the world collapse.
    • Second impact

      The Second Impact, which caused greater destruction to the South Asian sea coast.

      A similar catastrophe occurred in India and Pakistan in the Japanese anime series "Neon Genesis Evangelion", in which after the devastating "Second Impact" (caused by awakening a powerful being known as an "Angel"), India and Pakistan had been heavily devastated by the resulting tsunamis (instead of just the northeast coasts to the north of the Arabian Sea) and their nuclear war over a refugee crisis. However, these events occurred on September in the year 2000, which was 50 years earlier than the 2050 world collapse in Snospis Eht.
    • Mr Hitler was one of the few people who was possibly aware of the great fall. He had warned Marge in 2027 that mankind must change their ways before their ultimate downfall. He survived, possibly by escaping to his Floating sky place.
    • While andywilson92 wrote that the survivors of the world collapse acted and looked strange, the claim has been debunked a number of times such as Snospis Eht: Little Marge and In Mouse Tails: Catholic Prison School. Which everything and every one acts strange Before the world colapse


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